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IBM 5511 PCjx (Japanese Version)

Some folks had been asking about it for a while.  I finally dug it out to take some photos.  Unfortunately the seller I bought it from a long time ago did not pack it well (hard foam) and some one dropped it in transport.  The brittle plastic front panel exploded into nearly powder form.  It was completely destroyed.  The back panel has a several broken bits as well.  I still works.  I may try replacing the ROMs with Australian/New Zealand variants and restoring it to working condition.  A 3D printed front panel might be a possibility as well.

My System/36

A few months back, I picked up this IBM System/36 5362.  The 3179 was included and the system IPLs and runs.  Kyle, Flash, David and I managed to recover the security password for it and log-in. No I just need to find the firmware and SSP disks to reload it if needed!

Finished (more or less) with style updates

I believe I’m happy with the current style on the site. I’m looking for feedback as to what works and what doesn’t before adding the rest of the content to the site. So please chime in with thoughts.

jr-IDE project page partially updated

Well the JR-IDE page is somewhat updated.  There is still a long way to go with more information to add and more style changes.  However making progress

At the starting line… ready, set, @#(%&!

Bit of a WordPress newb here. However today I’m going to try and take a personal crash course for both learning how to create rich content and refine the style of this site. My sincere hope is that I will force myself into the habit of blogging whenever I work on things day to day. My central problem in all things I do is never having enough large blocks of time to focus on one thing. I’m not sure how maintaining and moving this site forward will be any different, however he’s to trying. Prepare for more exciting things ahead.



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