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IBM 5511 PCjx (Japanese Version)

Some folks had been asking about it for a while.  I finally dug it out to take some photos.  Unfortunately the seller I bought it from a long time ago did not pack it well (hard foam) and some one dropped it in transport.  The brittle plastic front panel exploded into nearly powder form.  It was completely destroyed.  The back panel has a several broken bits as well.  I still works.  I may try replacing the ROMs with Australian/New Zealand variants and restoring it to working condition.  A 3D printed front panel might be a possibility as well.

My System/36

A few months back, I picked up this IBM System/36 5362.  The 3179 was included and the system IPLs and runs.  Kyle, Flash, David and I managed to recover the security password for it and log-in. No I just need to find the firmware and SSP disks to reload it if needed!

Missing Tandy 5000 MC Reference disk – found!

After nearly two decades of searching, the Reference disk for configuring the MCA NVRAM on the Tandy 5000 MC is now found.  One was parked in a 5000 MC I picked up from the Tandy Corporate HQ auction.  Can be downloaded here:

VCF-SE 5.0 in one month!

The Vintage Computer Festival Southeast 5.0 will be held in Roswell, GA on Saturday, April 29 and Sunday, April 30.  More information can be found in the link above.

Removed home page

Not sure if it is my personally type, my age, or my self consciousness (or lack there of) that calls myself silly for brain dumping streams of consciousness into these things called ‘blogs’.   However I need to make a more concerned effort to do so for project posterity sake.  So here it goes again.. round two.  Or was it two hundred.

Since the home page really didn’t add anything to the site, I have remove it in favor of just project pages and blog.  More on that later



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