[3b2info] Two 3B2 Press Photos from launch

Seth Morabito web at loomcom.com
Sun Jan 26 13:51:48 EST 2020

I recently came across these two press photos from the 3B2 launch, and wanted to share them here. I think they're pretty neat.

These are 8"x10" press photos, with a description on the rear of each one. The first is the full 3B family, including the 3B20S, 3B2, and 3B5. This is the only picture I've ever seen of a 3B5, in fact!



The next is a 3B2/300 setup, with a 5620 terminal and two (I think) 4410 terminals.



  Seth Morabito
  Poulsbo, WA
  web at loomcom.com

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