[3b2info] 3B2 System Board Schematics

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I certainly wish they did, but sadly, they do not.

Seth Morabito
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> On Dec 30, 2019, at 2:59 PM, alan at alanlee.org wrote:
> Does your documentation reference also include the PAL equations?
> -Alan
> On 2019-12-29 20:52, Seth Morabito wrote:
>> Hello all, and happy holidays!
>> I got sick of waiting, and made a very quick preliminary scan of the
>> 3B2 system board schematics that I have been sitting on for far too
>> long. It’s good enough for my current work, but I’m still going to try
>> to get a better scan in the near future. I wanted to share it anyway.
>> This is the CM518B system board, which is the system board used as a
>> field upgrade from the 3B2/600 to the 3B2/1000. I think in marketing
>> terms it was the 3B2/622.
>> I still don’t have any source code that targets the the Rev 3 system
>> board, but I do have the system header files from System V Release
>> 3.2.3, and those combined with these schematics are really helping me
>> understand the Rev 3 systems. It’s still a tough task to emulate Rev
>> 3, but I’m getting there.
>> The schematics are here (about 40MB in size):
>> https://archives.loomcom.com/3b2/documents/Hardware_and_Diagnostics/3B2_CM518B_Schematic.pdf
>> -Seth
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