[3b2info] 3B2 Emulator Blog Post

Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.us
Wed May 23 11:12:00 EDT 2018

Meant to reply yesterday, but I would 2nd Dave's comments.

Can not share how much I appreciate (and continue to enjoy) the fruits of your 3b2 labors.

Thank you again Seth,

Jerry Kemp

On 23/05/18 09:50, Dave McGuire wrote:

>    Fantastic, amazing, incredible. phenomenal work.  There just aren't
> enough good words in the English language. :-)  The NI would be the holy
> grail of course, but I'll bet it's a hard nut to crack.
>    If memory serves, at one point you were looking for EPROM images for
> the NI board.  If that's correct, did you ever find them?
>                -Dave

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