[3b2info] DMD 5620 Terminal Emulator

Seth Morabito web at loomcom.com
Sat Dec 29 20:40:18 EST 2018

On Sat, Dec 29, 2018, at 4:23 PM, alan at alanlee.org wrote:
> Best... Christmas present... EVER!
> :)  Well played, sir.  Seems your skills aren't that 'Rusty' after all 
> (eh?).
> After a quick glance at the repos, am I interpreting this right?  
> dmb_core is a Rust bucket containing the Belmac and machine emulation 
> and there are three UI layers built on top of it?  dmb - NodeJS, dmb_gtk 
> - GTK/cairo, and dmb_mac - native Mac OSX?
> -Alan

Hi Alan,

You are absolutely correct!

* The "dmd_core" repo contains the guts of the emulator. All the CPU and machine emulation happens in there. I wrote it in Rust because I'm in love with the language, and it has excellent interoperability with C, C++, JavaScript, C#, Swift, and other languages.

* The "dmd" repo contains my first experimental Electron / NodeJS release. I could never get it working on Linux, and performance wasn't what I hoped it would be :(  So I think I'm going to scrap that repo. It didn't live up to expectations. It hasn't been updated in a while.

* The "dmd_gtk" repo contains the native GTK+ / Cairo app for Linux and BSD. Stay tuned, this is getting an update soon. It's using an old version of the "dmd_core" library right now. I also still have to figure out how to release binaries that work on both CentOS/Fedora and Debian/Ubuntu.

* The "dmd_mac" repo contains the native Cocoa OS X application. If you happen to have a Mac handy, you can download a pre-compiled release here: https://static.loomcom.com/3b2/5620/DMD_5620.dmg.gz

In the future, a "dmd_win" repo will contain a native C# / .Net app for Windows.

All the best,

  Seth Morabito
  Poulsbo, WA
  web at loomcom.com

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